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Why HTML Meta Tags Important to SEO

Why HTML Meta Tags Important to SEO

Why HTML Meta Tags Important to SEO Prashanth PC March 3, 2024 What are HTML Meta Tags? Helps search engines crawlers to understand the relevancy of any web page in both content and multimedia. HTML meta tags are special elements used in the header of HTML documents to provide metadata about web pages. Although they […]

Website Architecture

Website Architecture

Website Architecture Prashanth PC March 1, 2024 Website Architecture Before you start creating a website, it is important to understand its architecture, especially for SEO professionals. Think of website architecture as a blueprint for how your website is organized and connected. This is similar to planning the layout of a house before building it. A […]

Local SEO and why do you need local SEO?

Local SEO and why do you need local SEO

Local SEO and why do you need local SEO? Prashanth PC February 24, 2024 Local SEO Local SEO is the strategy of Digital marketing that was designed for geographic reach and increased business visibility online. Focusing on specific areas provides businesses with a valuable online presence by connecting them with local audiences.  Regional visibility is […]

Write a Content that Google loves

Content that Google loves

Write a Content that Google loves Prashanth PC February 23, 2024 Write a Content that Google loves Creating content that Google likes involves using simple practices that increase search engine visibility and user satisfaction. Start by doing thorough research to make sure the content is accurate and relevant. Enhance this with appropriate keywords and titles […]

SEO for Mobile Apps

SEO for mobile Apps

SEO for Mobile Apps Prashanth PC February 17, 2024 SEO SEO for mobile Apps (ASO) Mobile app SEO means getting your app seen more when people search for it on the App Store or Google Play. Just as you optimize your website’s content for search engines, do the same for your app. Google favors mobile-friendly […]

SEO for Entrepreneurs

SEO for small Business

SEO for Entrepreneurs Prashanth PC February 17, 2024 SEO SEO for Entrepreneurs or Small Business SEO, or making your website search-friendly, is like helping people find your website easily on the web. It makes your website appear higher when someone searches for content or keywords related to your business. So if you want more people […]

SEO for Entertainment

SEO for Entertainment 1

SEO for Entertainment February 17, 2024 SEO for Entertainment Artists, Movies, TV Shows, Series and Channels It is important to have a good marketing plan in the entertainment industry, especially using search engine optimization. Just like creating a great show or performance, SEO can help your company look good, be creative, engage your audience, and […]

SEO for Financial Services

SEO in the Financial advisory industry

SEO for Financial Services Prashanth PC February 16, 2024 SEO for Financial Services SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is about making your website attractive and useful for Google so that it appears at the top when people search for something related to your website. Since most people use Google to search, it’s important […]

SEO for Educational Institutions

SEO for Educational Institutions

SEO for Educational Institutions Prashanth PC February 13, 2024 SEO for Educational Institutions Search engine optimization is important for schools and Educational institutions because it increases online visibility and attracts the attention of students and parents. The right strategy makes your school’s website more trustworthy and effective in online searches. SEO in education tends to […]