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We want more people to find our site as easily as they can find toys. Just like planning something!

Consider the big book. To be liked, it must be easy to find. The site needs to be checked and edited before it appears in SERP.

Setting up a website is a bit difficult for business owners. But don’t worry! We seem to be experts at solving problems on the web. It’s like having a friend planning something fun!

Technical SEO

Making your website perform well in search engines is called technical SEO. This means making sure your website follows certain rules so that search engines can easily see and understand it. Think of it like keeping all the toys in their place!

We conduct an SEO audit to see if your website is in good shape in terms of SEO. It’s like checking your website to understand its health. We’ll look for any issues that need to be fixed to make sure everything is running smoothly when people visit your site.

Now think about how much you use your tablet or phone. Many people do this! Search engine giant Google also drew attention to this situation. So they changed the way they decided which place should be on the hill. They are now interested in websites that load fast and work well on mobile devices. This means “Make it easy for everyone to play with their toys!” It’s like saying.

If the site has problems such as slowness or poor performance on mobile, Google will not like it very much. This is similar to your toys not working properly if you don’t maintain them. So fixing these problems is like making your site more attractive for your friends to play!

Basic components of Technical SEO services

Our SEO team will carefully analyze your website to find ways to improve it. We pay attention to key points and look for opportunities for improvement.

Important components of Technical SEO services

Components of Our Technical SEO

Fixing Coverage Issues

Understand how search engines work to understand how they impact your website. Most people fix errors in Google Search Console, but we specialize in exceptions that are often overlooked. People ask us to help solve problems with their websites.

Sitemap.xml & Robots.txt

Sitemap.xml and robots.txt are important for search engines. The site map helps search engines find and access your site by showing the structure of your site. When the sitemap is updated, search engines will notice the changed URLs. Robots.txt helps with financial management by telling researchers which pages are and are not crawled.

Core Web Vitals

A good website is important for Google ranking. According to Google Mueller, this is not a draw. Key Web Data includes LCP, FID, and CLS with specific targets. CLS must be ≤ 2.5 seconds, FID ≤ 100 milliseconds, and CLS ≤ 0.1. We specialize in developing Core Web Vitals to help you beat your competition.

Javascript Optimization

JavaScript is essential for your website’s visibility. In search SEO, we prioritize JavaScript SEO because Googlebot uses it for crawling, processing, and indexing. Websites that use JS heavily will suffer, and delaying JavaScript execution can increase loading speed.

Fixing Broken Links

Broken links serve as roadblocks for users and search engines. We will fix these soon to keep your website running smoothly. We use advance tools to find, remove, or replace links on each page.

Web Performance Optimization

Slower websites cost more. Google needs information in 2.5 seconds. A website that is not fast enough will lose its authority. Resources such as hosting, CDN, and graphics can affect loading speed.

Creative Solutions To Improve Your Business

PCSEO promises increased visibility by placing your business at the forefront of local search results. Customized for regional impact, this solution optimizes your online presence and helps your business stand out. Focuses on optimizing to make your business more discoverable to potential customers in your area, thus increasing traffic, engagement, and ultimately money.

PCSEO Specializes in SEO strategies to increase your rankings from smolder to smolder to grow your business organically, drive more traffic, and focus on your business. Save on advertising costs and avoid future expenses with good SEO. Start using our SEO Services to grow your business smartly and easily.


Our SEO firm takes your business to a top-10 ranking within a specified timeframe. We'll establish SEO objectives aligned with your key performance indicators (KPIs)


We'll provide you with an SEO roadmap detailing our actions and a 24/7 reporting dashboard to monitor our progress and performance

SEO can be cost-effective without compromising effectiveness. A considerable portion of our clientele comprises small businesses operating on limited budgets


We take care of all aspects influencing your ranking, including website troubleshooting, integrating social media, and creating content to ensure optimal performance

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