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Web Design and Development

There are two main aspects of web design: how it looks (web design) and how it works (web development). Sometimes people use content creation websites and website development interchangeably because they are related.

 Over the years many jobs have emerged for different web designers. Sometimes these names can be confusing because they mean different things to different companies. The world of web design is always changing!

Design vs. front-end development vs. back-end development

There are two main things in web design: what you see on the screen (design and front-end development) and what goes on behind the scenes (back-end development).


Design that will make the website beautiful in terms of colors, layout, fonts, and images. Designers use tools like Photoshop or Sketch to create a good look and feel on the web.

Front End Development

Coding languages ​​like HTML, CSS, and Javascript help create functionality. They help users interact with buttons, images, and text on the web. Some code designers, some don’t, and some front-end developers focus only on coding

Back-end development

Stores behind the server’s front-end and prepares data from the server’s front-end. When you buy something or fill out a form, the message is sent to the backend.

Backend developers use languages ​​like Ruby or Python to make sure everything runs smoothly. Easy to set up, well-designed front-end development keeps it running on screen, and back-end development keeps everything running smoothly in the background.

Best Web design and development Services

PCSEO is a growing company in India that helps businesses start their online business. They provide services such as web design and Digital advertising. It is very important to choose the best web development and design company for a successful website in Digital marketing.

PCSEO is India’s web development company specializing in content writing, web design, development, and internal SEO for better websites.

In today’s competitive business world, it is better to do business online. Internet marketing or digital marketing can help businesses make more money.

Having a website is essential for an Internet business. It’s like opening an office anywhere in the world, but more efficient than a physical office.

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Our company's web Designing services

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When businesses face competition, our SEO services are here to tackle future challenges. If you’re unsure about our features, let’s have a meet to clear any confusion.

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We offer different SEO packages according to the needs of your website to rank higher in search engines. The price depends on how your website currently works and the specific content you want to target. We firmly believe that our service should be honest and fair. As an SEO expert, we value transparency and ensuring you understand everything that happens during our relationship with you.