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March 2024 Core Update: Google Reducing “Unhelpful” Content by 40%

March 2024 Core Update : Google Reducing “Unhelpful” Content by 40%

In March 2024, Google made significant changes to improve search results. They focused on reducing low-quality content and implemented new spam policies to counter manipulative practices. The goal is to provide users with more relevant information and minimize results designed solely for search engine optimization.


  • Enhanced Search Result Quality: Google’s March 2024 Core Update introduces algorithmic improvements to elevate search result quality significantly, with a targeted reduction of 40% in low-quality and unoriginal content.
  • Spam Prevention Measures: The update implements new spam policies addressing scaled content abuse, site reputation abuse, and expired domain abuse. This proactive approach aims to maintain a cleaner and more reliable search environment.
  • Targeted Content Quality Enhancement: Google’s latest update focuses on combating low-quality and unoriginal content by implementing algorithmic changes, striving for a 40% reduction in such content within search results. Additionally, new spam policies target various abuses, including scaled content, site reputation, and expired domains, ensuring a more trustworthy online experience.

Improved Ranking for Better Quality Results

The primary goal of the March 2024 Core Update is to enhance Google’s ranking systems substantially. Elizabeth Tucker, Director of Product for Search at Google, highlighted that the algorithmic improvements are geared towards giving priority to the most helpful information while minimizing unoriginal content in search results.

These changes build upon initiatives started in 2022, and Google foresees a 40% decrease in low-quality and unoriginal content as a result of this update and previous efforts. The ultimate aim is to drive more traffic towards valuable and high-quality websites on the Search platform.

Introducing Updated Policies to action Spam

For many years, Google has relied on sophisticated systems and policies to combat spam and ensure that only high-quality content appears in search results.

Google has committed to this effort and remains steadfast, now implementing the updates of Google spam policies to effectively tackle emerging abusive practices leading to the presence of unoriginal and low-quality content on Search.

These changes, effective immediately, enable us to address a broader range of manipulative behaviors, supplementing Google ranking systems in preventing various forms of low-quality content from gaining prominence in search results.

Scaled Content Abuse

Google is reinforcing its stance against using automation to create large volumes of low-quality or unoriginal content to manipulate search rankings.

The updated policy specifically targets the abusive practice of generating content on a significant scale to artificially enhance search ranking, irrespective of whether the content is created through automation, human efforts, or a combination of both.

“This will allow us to take action on more types of content with little to no value created at scale, like pages that pretend to have answers to popular searches but fail to deliver helpful content.”

Site Reputation Abuse

Google is addressing the issue of site reputation abuse, where well-regarded websites host subpar third-party content to exploit the hosting site’s strong reputation.

The focus is preventing reputable sites from being misused to boost the perceived quality of inferior content. This initiative aims to maintain the integrity of site reputations and ensure that the content hosted aligns with the established standards of the hosting platform.

“For example, a third party might publish payday loan reviews on a trusted educational website to gain ranking benefits from the site. Such content ranking highly in Search can confuse or mislead visitors who may have vastly different expectations for the content on a given website.”

Starting May 5, Google will label poorly curated third-party content created solely for ranking as spam. The policy is announced two months early to allow site owners to make necessary adjustments.

Expired Domain Abuse

Sometimes, expired domains are bought and repurposed to elevate the search ranking of subpar content. This can confuse users into thinking the new content is affiliated with the original site, which might not be true.

Google now considers repurposing expired domains for this purpose as spam. Despite assisting with numerous queries daily, Google acknowledges areas for improvement. Efforts persist in minimizing low-quality content on Search and prioritizing information crafted to assist users.


The ongoing March 2024 Core Update signifies Google’s commitment to refining search results. With a two-month compliance window for the new site reputation-policy, immediate adjustments are also being implemented this week. Google emphasizes its dedication to improving search result quality, recognizing the continuous need for enhancement. Elizabeth Tucker, Director of Product for Search, highlights the ongoing effort to minimize low-quality content and prioritize valuable information in response to users’ vast inquiries.

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